Edie Fields – Open Letter

My name is Edie Fields and I got into Scientology in 1989, read Dianetics, joined the SO for awhile, left, went back and routed out. My experiences were good.  I stayed with OT’s in their apartment. I worked at the Hibiscus restaurant and got rave reviews on my service to the OT’s. I started getting homesick and wanting to leave and the people I waited on wanted me back on the floor, waiting on them. The public. So nice. They wrote dispatches to my senior and said “whatever Edie needs, we will help her.”

I did get out and then found out about the COS in St. Louis, MO. My home was 418 miles away and I knew I wanted to stay close to learn how to operate in life. Did my TR’s and Obj there and knew I had to live close by.

Later, my daughter, Meshell, bought me four intensives and helped me when I decided to join staff. Matt Hanses and Chad Lane both helped me so I could see my ailing parents once a month. I took courses to be a word clearer and loved the job but wasn’t sure of what a read was in relationship to a body movement when doing Method Two. So I wrote up myself a cram. That went well except the last drill and nobody had enough time to do the last drill with me, so it is still setting there.

I decided I would be at Reception and I loved it.  I got my granddaughter, 13, to start donating her time because I wanted her in a group like this for her survival.

Later I was asked if I would like the post of Extension Course Supervisor and I was told it would be a few months and I could take over the post. This was done so another staff member could go do training at an upper org, still okay with me. I also had fun with that post and got to meet many people who were on their extension courses.

THEN… my daughter and her husband found out about the evil at the top of management and called me over and told me what they had found. They then sent in a letter of their findings and wanted them to be addressed. Guess what????? You don’t communicate in the COS. You get punished for “Being there and Communicating”.

After the letter Jim and Meshell sent in, I was called into the DSA’s office and told by the Ethics officer and the DSA that I would have to disconnect or I would not be welcome in the church. My job was taken away and I was told to read the things that are supposedly called “Suppressive Acts”.  Now, can anyone say they have never committed a suppressive act?  I don’t think so. So my job was taken over by someone else and I was more or less told to go home or go on course to do the PTS/SP course. I was to see how my daughter was an SP. If not, I was not allowed to have my job.

My daughter has helped me all through life and even helped get us to Saint Louis. She even left her three year old son, Travis, 418 miles away to be on staff at St. Louis, being told that it was the greatest good. By the way, she started a mission in Fort Smith Ark and we had the okay to run it. We had a course room, book selling and we were growing then someone set fire to our establishment. The fire was set only because there was a garage next to it and they wanted all the mechanic tools in it.  So that is the reason we all moved to MO. We wanted to continue to help mankind. We still want to.

Money being made for beautiful buildings and what is being done now is disgraceful to the tenets of LRH. LRH’s tech is being changed and DM has set himself up as god now. Changing policy all along and even the Basics. Redoing what LRH put down for us to survive with.

Too bad that LRH had to be improved upon.

Meshell raised her family in the Scientology precepts and taught her son how to do conditions and spent a lot of money and time on him. I’m speaking of Jeremy Powers who now has been made to disconnect if he wants to keep his job and girlfriend.

I could go on and on of how Meshell, Jim and Heather has contributed to our org but to what avail. They are being slandered with lies to be made to look bad.

So are all, who have been declared.   Not as LRH would have done.


3 thoughts on “Edie Fields – Open Letter

  1. Edie, thank you for a) being willing to look b) standing by your daughter and all of your family and c) still wanting to help after all that nonsense.

    You are obviously a great woman and you didn’t raise no wash rag! Well done. What Meshell is now facing and strongly communicating about and the courage she is demonstrating, well, says an awful lot about you.

    Now, you will have REAL friends and those who are not too far gone will come around and you will not have lost those that matter most. Thanks for also being a wonderful grandmother.


  2. Mom, I just wanted to comment here too. I remember the day we talked about it all. Right before Jim and I took our letter of resignation to the church to PRIVATELY resign.

    You were doing fine on post and didn’t seem to be subjected to very much “crap”. After we turned in the letter, I remember us talking about you just keep on doing what you were doing and we wouldn’t ever “suppress” that decision, like we granted for Jeremy.

    Amazing what happened though, isn’t it. I know it was COMPLETELY against policy for you to be removed from post without a Comm Ev. And it was NOT okay to even discuss disconnection with you when there was nothing from Ethics in writing. But hey, I didn’t expect less.

    OMG, how about the letters from “friends” you got telling you how awful I am and how they would be your family now…… let it be know! By their actions they will be known……… and another one, “never harm a person of goodwill” – who is the judge of whether or not it’s goodwill or badwill???

    I want you to know that I am so proud you are my mom and you are one smart cookie!!



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