Jim & Meshell Little – Open Letter

Ethics STL                                                                                                                              29 June 2010
Jim Little
Meshell Little
Heather Powers



ethics file, Jim Little
ethics file, Meshell Little
ethics file, Heather Powers

This report is being written mainly from Jim & Meshell, but it includes Heather Powers from a reality perspective.

Jim and Meshell have been in Scientology since November 1988 (coming up on 22 years).  Meshell served on staff for 5 of those years, first holding the post of HAS then being promoted the senior executive post of Flag Banking Officer (right before it became an SO post).  Meshell has had auditing up to and including Grade 0, as well as FPRD basic and 1D list, not to mention a lot of security checking!  Meshell has had a lot of admin training, including a few mini hats, OEC Vol 0, Financial Planning Member Full Hat and M9 word clearing the entire finance series.  Meshell implemented the entire Treasury/INCOMM program in the early 90’s after the Church was awarded the tax exemption.  Jim has been mainly public, finishing his SH and ObJ and a lot of volunteer activities with CCHR & other 4thD campaigns.  He tried to be staff a few times, however just couldn’t swing it, due to financial obligations.

Over the past few years we have had points of strange disagreements and things that just didn’t make sense.  Including, but not limited to direct policy violations and circumstances that just didn’t make sense.  We’ve commonly just dubbed in what we thought “must” be the case.

We know that truth has an unbelievable way of as-is’ing things – and that is what has happened for us.  Years of things that have never made sense to us, now make sense!  After doing extensive research, here are some things we’ve found. But first, here are some key LRH quotes we want to note:

LRH, HCO PL 18 May 1970 Data Series 7 Familiarity ….“Most errors in observation are made because one has no ideal for the scene or no familiarity with it. However there are other error sources. ‘Being reasonable’ is the chief offender. People dub in a missing piece of a sequence, for instance, instead of seeing that it IS missing. A false datum is imagined to exist because a sequence is wrong or has a missing step. It is horrifying to behold how easily people buy dub-in. This is because an illogical sequence is uncomfortable. To relieve discomfort they distort their own observation by not-ising the outpoint and concluding something else.”

LRH Tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress 31 Dec 1960…“We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.  When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters? If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

HCO PL 23 Sept 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding – Historical“In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and housing of orgs. From this experience there are only a few clear-cut lessons. These follow:

A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.

…Example: Stockholm took very posh, fancy quarters. Up to that time it has been viable. The overload of expense rapidly upset the salary sum, the staff began to moonlight (work on other jobs), and the org all but collapsed until cheaper quarters were found.

Example: Phoenix 1955. A beautiful, big building at small expense was found. It was very prominent… the full reserves of the org went into furnishing these quarters. The area had to be abandoned, losing all reserves.

Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1950. The shabby quarters there made lots of money. Beautiful country quarters were under survey for purchase. The psychiatric block… began action [in the area] to invoke a law against medical schools. If the better quarters had been purchased, they would have been lost.

…CONCLUSION: Viability of economics must not exceed the income of the org. The SAFE figure for rent and mortgage payments must not exceed 15 percent to 17 percent of the gross income of the org.

…C. Image is a secondary consideration.

Example: Hotel Reycar Alicante Spain was relatively cheap. It was quite posh. Students complained as it cost a bit more than they were willing to pay. Image in this case worked against the org.

Example: Johannesburg’s three old buildings foolishly sold and the money squandered has yet to attain the income it made in its “old, horrible quarters” despite its newer image.

… An org which adventures more than 15 percent of its current gross income for rent or purchase payments can get into far more serious trouble than an org with a poor building image.” LRH

This above is what LRH said in 1966 and again, different wording, in 1970.

Something we find odd is that over the past 6 years we have witnessed “size & beauty of new buildings” become a major focus of “command intention” in almost all Scientology events and publications.

These days, the biggest push is on “real estate” as in “ideal orgs” and not “Scientology services”.  COB regularly offers up dimensions of new ideal org course rooms and HGCs, their color schemes, and the architectural style of the exterior.  Look at the last event magazine and count the pages.

However, different friends in the field, who have been in many of the “Ideal Orgs”, are reporting back that they are not full of public, nor are they viable.  Due to the lack of viable income, the utility costs alone are draining their budgets.  We venture to believe that their public field “donated” the bulk of their money on the new building leaving little for their Bridge, except the small & inexpensive book courses.  This further hinders a viable income on a weekly basis for the org.

For years, the term “donation” referred to payments made by the public for org services—training and processing.

LRH The Auditor #51, 1970 What Your Donations Buy ….“So little by little, using donations you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.”

HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II Org Programming …“If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology.  It has always failed. For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.  Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.” -LRH

Within the last decade or so, the term “donation” has come to refer to straight contributions independent of any services exchanged by the church.  This is oddly out-exchange, but worse, public are being drained of resources that would otherwise be used for training & processing (the reason orgs exist)!  Examples: IAS donations, Ideal Org donations, Library Project donations, Building Project donations, and Super Power Expansion Project donations.  This is not what LRH said to do; he said, “solve finance with more Scientology”, per the references above.

We started with these quotes and pure LRH because we wanted to set the scene for what we have come to discover.  The following information shocked us, but in addition to this we have discovered a plethora of mind curdling information.

HCO PL 15 MARCH 1977 RA, Data Series 41 RA, Evaluation, The Situation …..“Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It’s just as mathematical as that. If they’ve done that then I can also assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”

We found information documenting that 37 of the 50 staff members from the last org that LRH personally ran (St Hill) have been declared “suppressive persons” and removed from Scientology by our current management, David Miscavige.  LRH says 2 ½  percent of the population is suppressive, but according to these numbers, 74% are.  Not only that, but some executives think that 2 ½ percent of any group of beings are suppressive!  I.E. 2 ½ percent of OTVIII’s, 2 ½ percent of all class XII’s etc.  Look at this list – these were some of the first clears ever made!

Ken Urquhart LRH Pers Comm, LRH Butler, for 15 yrs (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
J.J Delance Technical Staff  Clear #17 Started Scn in France (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Leon Steinberg Exec Council  Clear #10 Personal Friend of LRH One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Jenny Parkhouse Treasury Staff  Clear #54 Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Pat Bloomberg Dissem Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Peter Hemery HCO Secretary Personal Friend of LRH (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Mike Rigby Dir Accounts (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Joyce Popham LRH Pers Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Joan McNocher: D/Guardian (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Robin Hancocks Deputy HCO Executive Sec (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Frank Freedman D/Qual  Clear #127 Class VIII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Betty James Ad Council Chairman (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
John McMaster SHSBC Course Supervisor  FIRST CLEAR (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Pam Pearcy Ad Council  Clear #211 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Reg Sharpe LRH Assistant  Personal Friend of LRH  Clear #7 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Tony Dunleavy Clearing Course Supervisor  Clear #20 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Connie Broadbent Dir Accounts  Clear #29 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Craig Lipsitz Qual Staff  Clear #30 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership, but now undeclared)
Sheena Fairchild Tech Staff  Clear #41 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Jennifer Edmonds Tech Staff  Clear #15 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Bernie Green Tech Staff  Clear #18  (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Gareth McCoy Dissem Staff  Clear #21  (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
John Lawrence Tech Staff  Clear #28 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Peggy Bankston Tech Staff  Clear #34 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Helen Pollen Qual Staff  Clear #47 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Fred Fairchild Tech Staff  Clear #49 . (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Dorothy Knight Dissem Staff  Clear #50 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Judy Gray Tech Staff  Clear #56 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Cal Wigney Div 6 Staff  Clear #57 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Mary Long Div 6 Staff  Clear #58 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Bill Robertson Tech Staff  Clear #61 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Linda Nussbaum Exec Staff  Clear #62 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Robin Lindsell Tech Staff  Clear #73 Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Val Wigney Saint Hill Interne  Clear #87 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Edith Hoyseth Saint Hill Interne  Clear #105 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Roger Biddell Saint Hill Interne  Clear #107 (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Cyril Vosper Tech Staff (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)
Brian Livingston Tech Staff  Clear #35 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (DECLARED SP by Current Church Leadership)

If you think that is a long list, you should see the list of Sea Org staff that have been declared who worked “up lines” at International Mgmt Base (the Elite of the Elite!). That list is hundreds long.  It’s estimated that roughly 60% of those who have ever worked there have been declared.  That’s a LOT more than 2 1/2%.  It seems it didn’t matter whether these staff blew or routed out, either way they were declared.

It becomes stranger when you take into consideration the fact that Sea Org members who are cleared to go to the International Base are already the “best of the best.” Meaning, they have to have:

  • A proven record of meaningful accomplishment and positive contributions as a Scientologist.
  • Have an I.Q. in the genius band.
  • Have an ethics record that is squeaky clean, i.e., no history of any sexual perversions.
  • No drug reversion.
  • No psychiatric history of any kind.
  • No connections to anyone in the military, government, psychology or the media.
  • No unhandled PTS situation.
  • Willing to dedicate their lives to the expansion of Scientology.
  • No government security clearance.
  • At least one year experience as a Sea Org member with a good production record.
  • Special training reserved just for Int Base staff members.
  • History of case gain and case in good shape.

And with all that, some 60% still turned out to be raving SPs? We find this to be odd!

The following list becomes powerfully meaningful when you realize that it contains many high profile, very high ranking and respected veteran Sea Org members.  Also listed are many upstat and prominent OTs and highly trained auditors!  Most are veteran Scientologists of over 20 years and many have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Ideal Org fund raising campaigns and to the IAS. This list was taken from a list of 1000s that have been declared suppressive by the current church leadership.  Notable here is that the ex-wife (Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch) of the President of the Church of Scientology International, as appointed personally by LRH, Heber Jentzxch, has not yet been declared, but she publicly walked away on June 29, 2010.   Make no mistake about it, she is a high profile LRH trained Class XII auditor and C/S who is a highly respected Scn Veteran.  Her story is powerful.  No doubt, she’ll be declared for publicly walking away.

Christie King Collbran  SO, 13 yrs in Scn
Larry Anderson  Narrator of the Orientation Film, Actor, 33 yrs in Scn
Steve “Sarge” Pfauth  SO, Int Base, Personal Friend of LRH.
Hadyn James  SO, 31 yrs in Scn
Karen DeLa Carriere/Jentzsch
Heber Jentzxch’s ex-wife, LRH trained Class XII & C/S NOT DECLARED YET!
Lucy James  SO, Sea Orgs Programs Chief, 31 yrs in Scn
Paul Haggis  Oscar Winner and Director, 35 yrs in Scn
Mike Rinder  Int Base, (CO OSA Int, LRH PPRO Int, WDC OSA), 34 yrs
Geir Isene  OT VIII, 25 yrs in Scn
Steve Hall  Class IV, OT V, 20 yrs in SO, 16 yrs at Int Base
Marty Rathbun  Inspector General for Ethics RTC, 33 yrs in Scn
Eric Knutson  Int Base, IMO, WDC, CMOI, Gold, 12 yrs in Scn
Dan Koon  Joe Howard in the Pro TR’s Film, Class VI, OT V, 34 yrs in Scn
Mariette Lindstein  RTC
Ken Urquhart   LRH Personal Comm, 19 yrs in Scn
Jim Logan  OT V
Stefan Tunedal  OT VII, 13 year Scientologist
Samantha “Sam” Domingo  OT V
Trey Lotz   Class VIII, OT VIII
Silvia Kusada  Class VI, OT VII
Kathy Braceland  Senior CL IV, OT VIII
Murry Pearlman  Class V, OT V, FEBC
Exilda Pearlman   OT VIII, Class VIII
Kirsi Ojamo  OSA Int
Shannon Kimoto  CMOI
Hiro Kimoto  CMOI
Sherry Katz  OT VIII, 36 year Scientologist – Her KR is amazing.
Mary Jo Leavitt  OT VIII, 26 year Scientologist – Her KR will open eyes.
David St Lawrence  Grad V, OT VII
Gilbert St. Lawrence  OT V
Helmut Flasch  OT IV
Helen Chen  OT VIII
Amy Scobee  OT VII, Int Base, WDC CCI, 20 yrs at Int Base 27 yrs total – Her story shocks you!
Colwell V. Garth  Gold, 37 years Scientologist, 18 years SO
Linda McGinley  OT IV, 1 yr org staff, 13 yrs SO, 7 yrs at Gold; 35 years Scientologist
Sinar Parman  Int Base
Jackie Wolff     Int Base
Tom De Vocht  CMO, Int Base, 28 year Scientologist
Shelly Corrias  RTC, 19 year Scientologist
Bruce Hines CMOI
Gary “Jackson” Morehead  Security Chief Int Base, 31 year Scientologist
Mark Fisher  RTC
Don Jason  FSO Exec
Ted Horner  Int Base
Jeff Pearlman  Grad V C/S, CCRD C/S, FPRD C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Data Series, 11 yrs
Karen LaPorte  Scientologist 30+ years, Clear, Delphi SFB 17 yrs, PSS Stevens Creek
Mat Pesch FSO Exec
Paul Adams  Class V, HPCSC, OT IV, 23 years SO
Tom Shepard  Class VI C/S, OTV
Yin Chew  OTV, Class IV
Marta L. Willson  Scientologist since 1969, Clear, OT, Ex-Sea Org Exec prior to 1980
Misha Priv  Int Base
Dean Blair  Class IX C/S and Auditor, Joined 1969, Left Scientology in January 2010
Janela Webster  RTC, OEC/FEBC, 20 years SO, 15 years at the Int Base in RTC
Henrik Salbol  Scientologist since 1972, NED Auditor, OT VIII
Eileen Clark  32 yr Scientologist, 25 yr S.O. Veteran, Friend of LRH
Sergio M. Mora  Senior Chaplain FSO, 1984-2001
David LaCroix  OT IV, Professional FSM
Dennis Prunkl  39-year Scientologist, OT V
Dean Thomas  OT V
Carol Kramer  OT VII, Class IV, OEC, KTL/LOC
David Kramer  OTV, Class lV, KTL/LOC
Louise Williams  Since 1955, Class VI St Hill 1967, Orig. OT VII, Left Scientology 1982
Roy Selby  Grad V Auditor, OEC/FEBC, Original Full OT VII, In Scn since 1970
Tom Martiniano  OT III
Linda McCarthy  39 year Scientologist 32 years SO, OT V, HPCSC, Level II Auditor
Tom Brown  38 years in Scientology, NED Auditor, New OT IV
Tony DePhillips  Mid New OT VII, Prov. Class IV, and Fully Hatted Ethics Officer
Marie-Joe DePhillips  OT V, KTL/LOC, Level G SHSBC
Conny Lundberg  30 yrs in Scn, 2 yrs on Staff, OT III, L12, Class IV, HSSC, Supervisor
Ing-Marie Lundberg  35 yrs in Scn, 3 yrs staff, Clear, Class III, NED Auditor, Pro Word Clearer
Greg Barnes  OT VII (mid), IAS Patron, OTC Members
Debra Barnes  OT VII, (mid) IAS Patron, OTC Members
Ronnie Miscavige Int Base, former Marketing Exec Int, Brother of David Miscavige
Jenna Miscavige  Niece of David Miscavige

(And, while we’re at it – us old timers remember the President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzch.  Where is he?  Course, we just found out where he is, as his ex-wife just walked away yesterday!

LRH says…..”You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.” LRH, “About Rhodesia,” lecture, 19 July 1966, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape transcripts, Lecture Set 421-434, pp. 223-224

For months, we have been researching and have discovered that most of these people are whistleblowers!  Some were declared for wanting to leave, but, shocking as it was, most were declared for speaking out against blatant out-tech, off-policy and the current management.  The question to ask is why. Why would dedicated Scientologists, who are OT’s & professional auditors with 20, 30 & 40+ years just decide to leave or speak out against the church?  Are we to really believe that after all these decades of training and processing – or being trusted in the most elite management positions in our church – that they have suddenly turned into SP’s and now want to destroy Scientology?  We’ve heard some say that people can just “key-in” and start being an SP, however we assume they would also be acting suppressive?  Yes?  Have more of the 12 anti-social characteristics?  We needed to know WHY they left and what they are whistle-blowing about.

Before going on, LRH says in The Creed of the Church of Scientology … “That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments; That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”

We have now discovered WHY the Church doesn’t want us reading or watching anything dubbed as “anti” Scientology on the internet.   We were told that there is danger in running into upper level confidential information – while we’re sure that it’s out there, we never ran into ANY of it in our research, not once.   However, much to our horror and without a doubt, we found out that it’s because the Church’s own crimes are being exposed by high profile, highly respected veteran international management people, as well as an extraordinary amount of OTs – again, upstat Scientologists who have donated 100’s of thousands of dollars to Ideal Orgs and the IAS.

We have found that people who are discovering this information and speaking of or having doubts about continuing to support and condone the Church, as it’s currently being managed – who aren’t “handling” with OSA dead agent material and actions – are being declared as suppressive persons – almost immediately.  So either they stop with their doubts or get declared!

An SP Declare is mostly been issued as a way to silence the parishioner and as internal damage control to ensure that other Scientologists are forbidden to communicate with the person.  In this way, even valid criticism is contained and not allowed to spread to other Scientologists.

Our Church, at least on the face, supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 19 which says “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.

Declaring someone a suppressive person for exercising his Human Rights and acting according to the Church’s own Creed is hypocritical at best.

Why we started researching….

This whole thing started when we watched the CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s week long segments called “Scientology: A History of Violence”, and watched it a few more times online.  As unbelievable as this accusation sounds, we actually watched it because our own church spokesperson and others from our church were also on the show.  We wanted to see what in the world “we” were being accused of this time, and see how we defended it.

On the show, we saw fairly recent, high ranking veteran Ex-International Management Sea Org members, like ex-CO OSA INT (former church spokesperson for 25 years), Inspector General for Ethics RTC (in RTC for decades), and others of equal magnitude who were accusing David Miscavige of unthinkable crimes, and how the church is ripping families to pieces with injustice – using our disconnection policy.  – Truthfully, we were leaning toward this being preposterous until we heard our own church’s attorney and our current church spokesperson, Tommy Davis, completely & utterly lie about our church policy regarding disconnection.  He and the attorney very believably lied, saying the church has no policy of enforcing disconnection.  To say the least, we were stunned to hear this lie and felt there was too much credibility to completely ignore it.  Paul Haggis, a very prominent 35-yr Scientologist (film producer) sent a letter to CNN saying “If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?”

We then began an exhaustive research of the people who were whistle-blowing.  We then read the stories of hundreds of people.  We did NOT go to “anti-scientology” sites, or it should be said that we did not find anything of any value.  We found that the site called Scientology Cult was not an “anti-scientology” site at all.  It had copies of KRs that were routed by people who ended up declared and much more.   It is a giant expose’ site, with a couple of contributors that might still be ARCX’d but in general, that site is used by whistle blowers trying to get “us” to wake up!  Like I said, only a FULL examination of almost the entire site would one be able to come to a full conclusion.  We didn’t read just one or two things and make this life changing decision.

We watched their videos, read what they AND the church had to say in the expose The Truth Rundown (published by the “St. Petersburg Times) which contained very interesting historical information and facts, as well as fair coverage of what our church’s side is to the whole thing.  There were a lot of video interviews of ex-CMOI and WDC upper-management-type people.  These interviews stunned us and we have no doubt these people are not lying.  There is a lot of data in just that location that we evaluated.

We continued our research and began reading doubt formulas of Veteran New OTVIIIs and highly detailed KRs written by extremely upstat and high level Scientologists – we were deeply troubled about what was going on in the church.

We went to a wordpress blog site called Moving On Up A Little Higher and read the hundreds of posts and especially all the comments.  Lisa Hamilton, a 22-yr veteran, Senior HAS PAC, also posted her reasons for having left with her husband, who turns out is “the” Mark Hamilton of ASHO course room of 30 years.  Larry Anderson was the guy narrating the Orientation Film, and Amy Scobee was the face of CC Int for years.  These are people who dedicated their entire LIVES to Scientology to end up being “raving SPs” that the church has to vehemently destroy with character assassinations.  The church’s stance is that Scientology has only started expanding since these folks are all gone, however, we have seen peaks in expansion over our 22 years and so far, that is not a valid observation, too short term.

We discovered there is a movement of prominent Scientologists around the world who are demanding that “we” wake up!  Most of these people have been walking away since 2004 and they are NOT trying to harm Scientology, these folks are applying KSW1 and they have come to a realization that there is no longer a way for this situation to be handled from within the church as it’s currently being managed.  These people, from around the world, want this exposed so we have a chance to fix it before it’s too late.  These stories aligned with many of our own observations and experiences and things that made no sense to us.

We have always been told that these people on the internet were just outright SPs.  After hearing their stories we were not able to come to that conclusion. They are trying to expose the abhorrent abuses and widespread human rights violations within our own church (mostly at the highest levels) and open our eyes to the alternations of tech and policy that have been occurring.  As we said, after exhaustive research, including reading the church’s Freedom magazine that tells the Church’s side of it, we have concluded that the abuses did occur and that they were and are extensive and widespread.  We’ve seen evidence of abusive use of ethics (rapidly declaring people SPs who speak out), thereby destroying families which in fact puts the church actively involved in creating their own worst enemies, and taking very little responsibility in remedying these wrongs.  It’s sad to say that we believe the Church is lying and cover up.

This is a list of thing, that over the years we have personally tried to make sense of, when actually they literally don’t make any sense at all.  Some of them we consider to be just out right suppressive to the true growth of Scientology.

1.       If it’s absolutely vital that we get 10,000 people auditing on OTVII – then why is the pricing of Scn out of reach for the majority of the population?

2.       In the early 70’s the cost of ALL the OT levels (if purchased in a package) was $2500 – today it will likely cost you around $500,000 when all is said and done.

3.       We hear it’s because Scn is for “the able” – however, I don’t think one can judge ability by someone’s bank account.  Some of the biggest SPs on the planet are very wealthy.

4.       Most org staff are seen as some of the most able on the planet – yet, if they are no longer on staff and not making enough to pay the exorbitant amounts of money for the bridge, we suppose that means they are no longer the “able” we want up at the top of the bridge.

5.       In the 70’s orgs and missions were bursting at the seams.  LRH went off the lines and reports went to him that David Mayo was an SP (even though he was LRH’s personal auditor) – Mayo was declared SP and gotten off the lines.  Orgs should have grown even bigger after the slump there, however they did not grow.  Then just 3-4 years after LRH passed on, with David Miscavige fully in control at the helm, orgs have continued to shrink over the long term since then.

6.       We are told Scn is expanding.  Are we to honestly believe that our org is the only org that has NOT really grown in 20 years?  The stats at STL are NOT on an uptrend over the past 20 years at all.  In fact, at best, the stats have been emergency since the 70’s, with some stats, like GI being in danger and non e.

7.       We have the ONLY workable admin tech on the planet, yet why isn’t it working on expanding our orgs?

8.       Staff are the lowest paid and hardest working people on the planet.  LRH never intended that.  In SA LRH says flourish and prosper, survive in abundance!  However, pay is so low, in all orgs, that to recruit a large staff of competent people (and keep them) is impossible because you’re asking them to come on board below the poverty level where the majority of the new recruits won’t be able to afford to buy groceries…..and it’s not changed in 20 years.  (In fact, we made more back 15 years than is made now).

9.       Very young adults (teenagers) seem to fit the bill well.  These children are expected to be “instant adults” and are called “thetans” when in fact, it’s not likely they remember the wisdom of their very last life and therefore lack the wisdom of adults.  These young adults have a hard time controlling their own determinism, lacking KRC with life.  However, they are easy to indoctrinate into a way of thinking they should do all they do “for the cause” for free, and even if it costs them money to be there.

10.   The Sea Org cherry picks local org staff!  When they recruit from staff, they claim to “replace” them with new recruits.  However, a lot of times the replacements are not viable replacements.  If this game is so important and the orgs are so vital, why is it okay for them to cherry pick staff from lower orgs, leaving orgs struggling to always to get hatted up again.  We find this suppressive.

11.   It’s also completely suppressive to recruit teenagers (heck anyone for that matter) into the SO and then deem them no longer qualified to be on staff, anywhere – if they end up leaving SO in the first year.  This is completely suppressive and we are horribly reasonable to not see it.

12.   In the SO if you get pregnant, you are off loaded and given your freeloader bill.  Back in the days LRH was around, if an SO member got pregnant they would be sent out to work at a Class V org until their children turned 6 years old.  Now, they are simply off loaded, given a free loaders bill and told they are not allowed to work in any orgs.  More resources, to clear the planet, down the drain. Suppressive!

13.   Flag coming to class V orgs and regging org public to go to Flag to get their grades, training and do basics in addition to the flag only things…..they say they have perfect auditors and perfectly applied tech….making it feel like you are getting substandard service from your org.  However, when the GAT came out it was touted to create perfect auditors every time…..was that a lie?  Doesn’t this rob the org of their paying public?

14.   The org is bringing in 10’s of thousands of dollars a week for “Ideal Org” donations and yet can’t make enough money selling Scientology to pay the staff or mortgage.  Are we really this “reasonable”????  Remember the definition at the start of this letter?

We have seen information that we feel you should see as well.  You need to evaluate the situation yourself to at least be able to understand why we are standing up, head held high with our personal integrity and applying KSW1.

LRH discovered methodologies that can enhance self-determinism, increase freedom of choice, and bring about higher states of awareness and beingness to those who practice them. He developed a method of confession that includes unconditional forgiveness and results in more able, happy and peaceful beings. He developed an ethics system that an individual can apply to himself to improve his worth to himself and to his fellows. He established a form of organizational policy that is predicated on rewarding accomplishment rather than punishing failure. He set forth many of the fundamental values of Scientology and its organizations in the Creed of the Church of Scientology, The Code of Honor, and the Credo of a True Group Member.

Scientology is valuable to the many when studied and practiced in a sane environment. To allow it to be destroyed by the driven greed of one, would be to condone a travesty.  We fully believe that Scientology practiced in accordance with LRH’s Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church can contribute something vital to society.

We don’t believe David Miscavige is totally bad, nor is he totally good.  He is not above the law nor should he be above the Scientology Justice System.  However, he seems to be just that.

Along with other whistle-blowers, we believe that it is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics that David Miscavige step down from his position as the leader and that steps are taken to reform the church of Scientology so it reflects the values that LRH had for his church.

We implore you to answer the question:  If Scientology has indeed been taken over by a suppressive person, is there any way to remove that person from power, using Scientology policies, without oneself being declared suppressive?

We cannot, in good conscience, ignore the voices of our fellow Scientologists, including but limited to, Marty Rathbun, Geir Isene, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Mary-Jo Leavitt, Lisa Hamilton, Tom De Vocht, Sherry Katz, Christie Colbran, Paul Haggis, Mark Hamilton, Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch (her ex-husband, and father of her child is the President of the Church of Scientology, appointed personally by LRH) and Larry Anderson and many others – we have made our decision – we can no longer condone or support the Church of Scientology as it’s currently managed.  We hope that the Church of Scientology will get its ethics in and make the changes necessary for it to be a church we can once fully support.  LRH’s Scientology!

We believe that everyone who stands up will make it that much easier for others to do so. Believe us, others standing up before us have made it more real for us to take our stand.  We could not live with the idea that we were too scared or bullied into hiding our god given rights to be here and communicate. Especially when it is the right thing to do!

In keeping with LRH and the true tech, we have decided that if we fail to apply KSW1 now, we will lose Scientology forever.  Along with this, it is our full and absolute belief that we, Scientologists, will not be able to effect a change from within.  It is too late.   The planet has no chance if the church is not reformed and put back on track with full LRH policy.  David Miscavige’s rendition of the Church of Scientology is NOT LRH’s Scientology.

Courageously, we, as a family are issuing this open letter to the church announcing our intention to stand up for the true tech of LRH and letting you know that we will are leaving.  We’re sickened that this has to be done!   However, we are not going to be controlled by “fear” of our own Church either.  Labels don’t make one “suppressive”, it only stops others from communicating

We know there are other prominently known Scientologists willing to pay the price of freedom out there – church public, staff and management will not be able to ignore us!  It’s soon to be too obvious that we are not ALL suppressives.

We are Scientologists, completely!

We are only disavowing the current management of the Church of Scientology, which we consider suppressive, and realizing we cannot effect a change from within, are standing up on the outside.

We are sadly reporting to you that we have researched the following chilling factors and have satisfactorily concluded, for ourselves, that this information is in fact true.   At first we thought this was completely preposterous – and so will you – however, if you love Scientology you will not resort to letting someone else evaluate and make judgments for you with regards to whether the following facts are true or not! Please research this on your on to conclude.

We want you to know that what you’re about to read is hard punching and very hard to conceive of as true.  Confront of evil is not easy. However ugly, we have done months of extensive research, from many sources and believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that these things are true and happening.  We pray our DSA and Execs will look completely at the other side and decide for themselves, as we did.

Take a moment and consider something.  The whistle-blowers we researched were not declared and then tossed out; they were only labeled suppressive AFTER they left.  Strange, most of them were good enough for the highest levels of upper management for 20-40 years, and then after they left it was discovered they were raving SPs trying to destroy Scientology.  Are you sure this makes sense?  Being “reasonable”?

ONE – Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics.  Those who have attempted to put ethics in on him from within have been ruined, personally, by him.  (Please remember, we have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.)

TWO – In his quest to attain power, Miscavige forcibly removed no less than four LRH appointed executives, senior to himself, and dozens of Scientologists who had created scores of huge, effective Scientology centers.  He used threat of force and violence in clearing the path to control of all Scientology orgs and assumed the self-created position of Chairman of the Board. He was never assigned by LRH and holds a position that was not created by LRH.

THREE – Since securing his position of power, the stats of Scientology have steadily decreased despite his public proclamations to the contrary.  Go out and look, don’t listen.

FOUR – He has conducted a campaign to fortify his personal power by denigrating and depowering anyone who personally knew and worked with LRH. That includes, but is not limited to, the members of LRH’s family. The operation served to consolidate his personal power.

FIVE – He accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to LRH during the last five years of his life, plying LRH with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of comm with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused LRH’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and telling him that orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests.  He prevented true reports from reaching LRH in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position. (again, remember, we have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.  All we can say is if you spend the same time examining the same information, you are likely to come to the same conclusion, the evidence is staggering once you look objectively).

SIX – He has persuaded those at the top of Scientology that to disclose the secrets of his unconscionable acts would harm the religion and violate “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” Thus, the truth of what goes on behind the façade of false PR that he creates is hidden from the vast majority of staff, SO and the general public.

SEVEN – He uses confessions of Scientology managers to invalidate, castigate, and embarrass them into silence.

EIGHT – Sea Org members who voice or even hint at any hesitation to carrying on with his tyranny or supporting his actions, are sometimes physically and commonly mentally abused.  (ugh, we have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.)

NINE – Those Sea Org members who have attempted to correct his off-policy and out-tech actions have been subjected to belittlement, invalidation and false propaganda. They have also been silenced through imprisonment of sorts, mental & physical duress. (we wish we had not found this to be true).  I know it’s out R, but if you’re not willing to look, how could you blindly say it isn’t so?

TEN – He has given little interest and funds for defending public relations attacks on LRH. Conversely, when his abuses come under scrutiny by the media or on the Internet he spares no money in attempting to destroy the reputations and lives of anyone with the temerity to discuss his conduct.

ELEVEN – He has created a multi-hundred million dollar slush fund called the IAS. For twenty-five years it has collected inestimable funds from Scientologists under false pretenses. The IAS has used scare tactics to extract “donations” to “save” the Church from attacks. Meanwhile, he prohibited the IAS from disbursing funds to handle most of those attacks.  On numerous occasions, he and the IAS have given Scientology public the false impression the IAS was spending tens of millions to sponsor “dissemination campaigns,” while in fact they were only funding a few ads for a very limited run, until the next campaign was devised.  Conversely, the IAS has disbursed exorbitant amounts for his personal vacations – including many Caribbean diving trips and a five star tour of Scotland.  (We have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.)

TWELVE – Miscavige has turned the top end of the Bridge into a dead end:

First, he has (against LRH original policy)programmed the AOs, including the FSO, to regularly sec check pre-OTs (calling it “refreshers”), adding unnecessary cost to the level, and then use their confessions to coerce them into paying more money for atonement, a practice not unlike the Medieval Catholic Church selling indulgences.

Second, he has imposed an unwritten code of behavior amongst OTs. They are regularly made to conform to correct dress, language, political thought, and even ideas as to how to use their personal time.  Said practice is anathema to the very purpose of Scientology, which is to make a person more his- or herself, more insouciant and independent thinking.

Third, he has entered arbitrary “contribution as a Scientologist” requirements mid-levels which can be satisfied by making cash “donations.”

Fourth, he requires pre-OTs to attend his regular events and they are treated as ethics bait until they enthusiastically embrace his projected public image. This enforced acceptance of falsehood makes attainment of OT technically impossible. Thus, Scientology, as practiced in Miscavige’s orgs, is auditing one toward conformity, solidity, lies; in other words, down the tone scale, or, the precise opposite direction to the intended aim of auditing.  (We’ve seen extensive evidence of this).

THIRTEEN – His “Ideal Org” strategy has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of Scientologists’ donations to forward an entirely off-policy action. LRH’s Ideal Org policy letter says nothing about building posh quarters.  A plethora of LRH Policy condemns his method of building an org. Subsidies, particularly those extracted from the public under pressure; to build posh quarters, are strictly forbidden by LRH policy. LRH advised that orgs be built from the bottom up with the elbow grease of local Scientologists, flanked by international management, broad public promotion campaigns and growing their quarters only as they expand their delivery and income.  Miscavige has hoodwinked Scientology public with the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme, shuttling staff around the world to pose at new “Ideal Org” openings for photo ops, many of whom are then shuttled off to some other org or soon leave for lack of pay. Regardless of the poshness of their quarters, his orgs are doomed to failure because he has for years forcibly prevented Scientology management from: 1) implementing LRH advised pricing formulas to make Scientology affordable to working people, 2) implementing org finance systems that encourage orgs to survive and expand, and 3) implementing staff pay systems that make it viable for upstats to work on staff.  (This is gross, and quite evident!)

FOURTEEN – His use of the technology of suppression to impose suppression rather than to accomplish its original opposite purpose, has suppressed countless Scientologists and divided many families.  He has perverted the practice of disconnection from a voluntary tool one may use to improve one’s life, into a mandatory control mechanism. He uses the practice to suppress the free flow of vital, truthful information and to keep individuals toeing the line through threat of losing their loved ones, rather than as a tool to depower actual suppression.

FIFTEEN – His arbitrary policy that makes conceiving a child a crime warranting offload from the Sea Org, is contrary to LRH policy. It has also spawned a situation that has required countless women to obtain abortions.

SIXTEEN – He has co-opted Scientology’s multi-million dollar audio/visual production facility and its several hundred Golden Era Productions staff for the purpose of forwarding his own image and power through Scientology events. He has cross ordered hundreds of LRH advised dissemination films and marketing campaigns. This is done under the guise of the importance of international events, yet such events are proscribed by LRH policy. Millions of dollars are spent on these events in order to showcase him to further secure his power.

SEVENTEEN – He puts on international events that intentionally misrepresent the true state of Scientology. Statistics are manipulated and falsified, video scenes are created that are palmed off as reality and campaigns are routinely unveiled with great fanfare but exist only for the purpose of being announced at the event. The manipulation of truth is skilled and extensive and designed for the purpose of making Miscavige look good. Scientologists wonder at the incredible figures presented on the number of new people coming into Scientology every second, minute, day, week, year, or the incredible reach of people being contacted or the vast numbers of officials and Opinion Leaders who fully support Scientology — yet their local church organizations show no sign of this massive and unrelenting growth.  Scientologists who retain enough sanity to spot the contrary facts must suppress such rational thoughts for those who complain are subject to heavy ethics and, if they persist in expressing doubts, expulsion.  (Please remember, we have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.)

EIGHTEEN –  He has personally enriched himself, living a far more lavish lifestyle than LRH ever lived, though LRH had earned his fortune through his own writings.  Miscavige has (by the standards of the SO) lavish living quarters in various cities complete with chefs and maids, owns or is provided expensive cars and motorcycles, flies exclusively in private jets, has his hairdresser and chiropractor travel around the world with him.  Hereceives compensation that is far, far in excess of any other person on Scientology staff. (We haven’t verified yet, but someone said through the FOIA, it was seen he makes over $100K a year compared to an SO member at the highest being paid $2600/year).

NINETEEN –  He has enforced an unwritten policy within the Church that his word has become more important than the words of the Founder. Church staff routinely follow his dictates even if they seem to be directly at odds with LRH policy. His utterances are recorded and transcribed and distributed to staff. He changes the technology of LRH under the guise of “getting it on Source” and using hidden data lines about what LRH wanted.  (As we said, we researched this accusation and satisfied ourselves to its truth).

TWENTY –  Many veteran Sea Org members have been RPF’d, “imprisoned”, hit and declared by him for having the temerity to object to his cross ordering LRH policy.  (Again, remember, we have investigated this allegation and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, we found it to be true.)

TWENTY-ONE –  He spent over seventy million dollars in Scientologists’ donations for an office building for himself and his personal support staff.  He constantly altered orders for the building during construction, many times to upgrade material and finishes to the most expensive available, then ordering the removal and destruction of what had been originally installed.  Such profligate spending is contrary to countless finance policies of LRH, who was always extremely frugal in the spending of Church donations.  This was reported by several different people.

TWENTY-TWO –  He has created orgs that are the reverse of the islands of succor that LRH built during his life and directed be duplicated in his written policies. Prior to Miscavige’s Scientology, orgs were lively, creative, safe spaces where people congregated to share their spiritual experiences. Orgs are now places to avoid for fear of falling victim to crush regging and heavy ethics.  (When was the last time us public really felt welcome to just come in and hang around visiting with friends?)

These things are threatening the Church of Scientology and if we don’t step up, and face evil, we will lose it forever.

In closing, we want to again mention that truth as-ises things.  So much by-passed charge is gone! Years of things that have never made sense to us, now make sense!  Again, labels don’t make one “suppressive”, it only stops others from communicating. In fact, these days, being labeled as an SP by the current management is meaningless – as we have already lost LRH’s Scientology to criminal and corrupt activities.


6 thoughts on “Jim & Meshell Little – Open Letter

  1. Woohoo! What a great resignation letter!

    We have never met, we live a couple thousand miles away & we have observed & experience very similar things. We have also thoroughly researched & investigated these allegations and have completely satisfied ourselves that, as sickening as it is, that they are true.

    Thank you for standing up!

    Marie-Joe DePhillips
    Seattle, WA


  2. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a very telling insight to how the Church of Scientology is being run by one David Miscavige. I, for one, believe this testimonial to be accurate and true. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write it.



  3. Sometimes, funny things happen at the org here. For instance, there was an epic KR written on David Miscavige. It was several pages long.

    Somehow, a copy of this KR was printed out, slipped into a large envelope, and left in a place one might set something on while digging for car keys in the parking lot.

    Such documents have found their way there several times. It’s one of those things that has devastating potential should someone take the time to read it.

    This letter would be an excellent addition to our collection of documents from ex-members of organized Scientology. May I use it?


  4. It is time that Miscavige is publicly declared an SP, being a traitor to LRH personally and a traitor to the Churches’ own tenets amongst other numerous crimes as related by various knowledgeable people in Freezone. I herewith do so. A suitable terminal for him to communicate to will have to be found in the US. You, Mr. J. Little? or Mr M. Rathbun?


  5. An excellent synopsis of the current state of affairs.

    Well done for having the courage to look, to observe, to evaluate and to then communicate what you saw and concluded.

    Withdrawl of support in terms of money and agreement is really all that will ultimately be needed to handle suppression. Well done on withdrawing. And your courage is admirable.



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