Linda McCarthy OTV – Doubt Formula

May 10, 2010
Doubt Formula:

1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that group, project or org, brushing aside all bias and rumor.

The intentions and activities of the group of people that are running the C of S are to follow the orders of a person who elected himself to be the Chairman of the Board of the C of S – namely David Miscavige. They, as a result have created a hierarchy that dictates off Source activities (all inclusive of ethics, tech and admin) and have thus have caused a contraction of Scientology. While it is understood that the people under Miscavige didn’t start out with this intention, nor with those activities, stats prove that they are now fully engaged and are part and parcel to the problem. At the top of this “management” is David Miscavige.

To wit:

High prices from Mission to CL V Org, to AOSHs, AOs, FSO and Freewinds.

-Introductory services are cheap (this is about the only service that is affordable) After that, the prices for training and auditing become exorbitant and out of reach for your average every day citizen. If one does make it to the top of the Bridge, prices at the FSO will bankrupt your non-wealthy public person. There are a number of public who “sent their (OT VII) materials back” due to not being able to afford the “6-month refresher”. I don’t have the actual number, but do know of specifics. Point being, the masses cannot afford Scientology at any echelon. The intention is to make it difficult for the masses to acquire Scientology. Probably to weed out the “less able” as defined by the arrogant upper crust. The prices bar broad participation in Scientology. Hammering the public for donations to IAS, ASI, Superpower Building, Book Campaigns, and Ideal Org Buildings.

-These 5 mentioned are the 5 off the top of my head. The IAS was formed as the Church was in peril. That was apparently handled with the IRS threat put to rest in 1993 (17 years ago). Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised, and more continues to be regged on a daily basis to handle never-ending imminent disasters. The disasters being communicated about actually create a dangerous environment for Scientologists. Countless events are held at local mission and org level (or at people’s houses or businesses) to raise money needed to stomp out psychiatry, to save France, or to save Germany, or, or, or.  Hundreds of millions. But psychiatry is alive and well and has visibly accomplished many of their targets (get your hands on the booklet Brainwashing and you’ll see). They have effectively infiltrated the fabric of the U.S. A nearly obscene amount of money has been raised to handle the anti-Scn activities in Europe, but these still rage today.

The PR of Scientology in the U.S. is horrible, despite millions upon millions being raised to improve public opinion and awareness through ad campaigns and booklets: VM booklets, drug booklets TWTH, CCHR booklets etc. A tremendous amount of money is extorted from public Scientologists to fund TV commercials that somehow are never seen.

Ideal Org Building fund-raising is at the forefront of the marching orders to CL V orgs. The finding and purchasing of Ideal Org Buildings is the antithesis of LRH intention as fully summarily covered in HCO PL 23 Sept 70 Quarters,Policy Regarding, Historical (in OEC Vol VII). Despite this, orgs are being hammered to 1. Find a building (and it must be 40,000 square feet minimum to be considered), and 2. Fund-raise so it can be purchased.. This calls for c-o-n-t-i-n-u-a-l events so the millions can be raised. These events MUST be held on a repeating basis. When public go to the FSO, they earmark how much money they are going to donate while they are there – because they are not going to make it out of there without donating. I know of a lady kept up until 4 am until she agreed to turn over 50,000 in donation to the IAS (and broke the agreement with her husband to consult him before dishing out money). She was distraught, as she is not a wealthy woman, is in her late 50s and does not have any kind of nest egg. The 50,000 was from a house sale that was for seeing her through OT VII. She was at the FSO to “bring SOLO NOTS home, and she left without her materials even though she passed all the requirements. She was, in effect, shoved right off the bridge.  The intention is to distract the orgs from delivery, to get every thin dime from the public, and to use the acquisition of these buildings to prove that Scientology is booming when it’s not.

Superpower – Superpower has been ready for release for over a decade (maybe 2?). The intention is to stockpile money and stop the release of Superpower.

Book Campaigns are constantly regged for. Since I have been out of the S.O, I have more calls to purchase books (new releases as well as donations for libraries) than I have for getting my F/L debt paid off or for getting back on the Bridge. After I routed out, I got a call from the I&R CLO and an FSC reg, who had a well-laid plan to get thousands of dollars in credit with 0% interest so I could get 4 full sets of Basics (books and lectures). This totaled 12,000.00.00 and it included about 30,000.00 for my F/L debt. I fell for it and did it. The Basics materials are in my garage and my credit cards are maxed and my credit ruined. I earnestly tried to get the basics sold, but the field is inundated with these materials with numerous public also storing them in the garage. My bad, and I’m paying the price.

While in charge of a CL V org, there were repeated visits from (Bridge Publications and GOLD) projects who were fund raising for book campaigns and bright ideas – all with a guarantee that the campaign would “handle the city” or “drive public in on the org”.  The intention is to amass vast quantities of money with no exchange to “fund” off-source bright ideas that are a distraction of org production.

Blocking flows of public up the Bridge.

-This is covered above with the high prices and by distracting them with donate, donate, donate, but also by directing OT Ambassadors to reach into their field and send them to FSO for Objectives and Grades. Objectives and Grades are done at mission and CL V org level and they should be directed to flood their own org with public, not send them elsewhere. With the release of the basic books and lectures, the runway to becoming an auditor has lengthened just that much, as they are now prerequisites. The intention is to empty out the CL V orgs, and if they don’t empty out, then inhibit them from making auditors.

Altering tech and policy.

-I was most recently posted at the CL V org level (garrison mission out of CLO WUS). The outpoints in the running of the mission itself and the managing of the org were wild and various. The biggest and most destructive 3 were 1. no evaluation. An evaluation was asked for repeatedly and management was provided with HUNDREDS of pages of data. No joy, so sent the package to ED INT. He responded quite thoughtfully and helpfully, and I executed his direction. But the org needed an eval and nothing relayed to every echelon resulted in getting the org evaluated ( 6 YEARS), but instead 2. constant orders to find a new building. The city was scouted and nothing could be found that was either big enough nor affordable.  Two real estate agents burned out. The main guy in charge of this from the CLO came to the org to help on at least 5 occasions, and didn’t find anything either. That
notwithstanding, repeated events were ordered to be held to fund-raise the money for a new building. In 5 years, about $190,000 for a new building was raised. The public did not like the entire concept and wouldn’t donate. Out of that paltry amount of money (which the public faithfully donated to get a new building) an order came down to spend over 8,000.00 of it for a Congress Lectures display that would boom the org.  3. is the “direction” to put on events. These are New Years, LRH Birthday, May 9th, Summer of events (MV Anniversary – which are all 4 weekends of July, Auditor’s Day, IAS Anniversary. Usually a large event is expected for a viewing of the CC Int Gala which is in, I believe Sept.  The
push and comm on this is relentless and HUGE “because  each event is like no other”. The hype that this is the solution to expansion that you are looking for is communicated in a new unit of time with each event. Each event will literally (a very commonly used adverb) change the public involvement and will boom your org.

What changed in 2005 or 6, is that no events can be held in your org (unless you were in an Ideal org building). It has to be at an outside venue AND the venue would get approved only if it was very upstat (you have to send pictures) and only if the room held 3X your highest ever event attendance. This is a waste time and of money. The entire staff have to be run on event call in and org funds have to be spent on these venues.  Because this particular org was somewhat nearby the PAC Base, we were frequently ordered to attend the live event in PAC – which the public hated, and the attendance was horrible – but our measly 40 or so public that did go filled a few more seats at the live (filmed) event. One time I deliberately cross-ordered having the event in an outside venue and I was investigated by the org’s DSA and told I couldn’t emcee the event because I was out-ethics.

Another management squirrel operating basis is to operate on “Patterns”. For instance, Buffalo org was purchased, and made into an Ideal Org. There were sequences to pulling that off. So this becomes a pattern.  So there are telexes and directions for you to do in your org that copy the “Buffalo Pattern” (for instance).  Or in one org, someone got lucky and told the Lead (public) VM that he was now the Volunteer Minister I/C (a staff post), and that person agreed. So that becomes the solution in every org: just walk up to your Field VM I/C and tell him/her that he/she is now on staff. Useless.

The other mismanagement was the relentless demand that you get 20 recruits (in one week) and send them all to FSO for training as supervisors and auditors. If it wasn’t in your BP, then it got added by your Programs Chief with a face-rip on not having included it. The Snr C/S of the org was pounded for compliance to this order as well by her senior – the Snr C/S of the Cont.

There are daily calls from Bridge to make your GBS quota – pushing mainly the selling of Congresses and Basics. An org had to purchase an $8,000.00 interactive display from Gold when the Congresses were released. The payment for this was okay’d to be fund-raised, and when that didn’t pan out, it was okay’d to come from the money set-aside for the purchase of the new Ideal Org Building. $8,000.00 down the drain.

These are the key points that were utter distractions to running the org or getting in public to sell and deliver to (Reason for Orgs). The intention is to eradicate standard management as covered by LRH is Management CBOs (Central Bureaux Orders). “Highest Ever” statistics have been re-defined so they are NOT highest ever – they are highest ever for the year. So when highest ever is mentioned at an event, it’s not the truth.

It’s a major outpoint that Objectives and Grades are being delivered in so few hours at the FSO. If GAT auditors are perfect everywhere, then what is different about the tech at the FSO? Also, not just altering, but removing: HCO PL “Policy on Sec EDs and Hats” (try 2 or 3 OEC Vol Os ago) and where is HCO PL “Planetary Dissemination”? These LRH issues have been removed from recent re-issues of the OEC volumes. Other notable alterations have been noted by others and are verifiable by comparing earlier tapes with current CDs.

The Comm Course which boomed Scientology in the 70s is gone. The Primary Rundown is gone and LRH says it is a vital prerequisite to major training (ref Tech Vol X pg 84-87) HCO B 4 April 1972R PRIMARY RUNDOWN (REVISED): “ It is up to the Course Supervisor to hold this line in. His students will not prosper if their study is begun without a Primary Rundown.  It is a high crime to omit this vital step.”. And 10 years after LRH is gone, there is a new definition for what an F/N is: 3 swings of the needle.

The Intention is to just spin everyone, and once they’re spinning, jam in a bunch of arbitraries so they stick (anyone who’s run FPRD knows how’s how this works.)

Misapplying ethics and justice:

-The brutality mentioned in numerous and various sites describes this fully. For me (as a Cl V org garrison mission ED), I couldn’t get a supervisor comm. ev’d who was (by public interrog) guilty of gross, gross, gross out tech, who had tried (in the courseroom) to interest a public in a product he was selling on his moonlight job, but I was comm. ev’d at the end of my Garrison Mission for being disaffected.  This violates an LRH handling for “returning vets” to do a returning vets program which gets them cleaned up and put on post back in management. I was not ethics’d when things were going to shit, but was ethics’d when the person I had recruited to replace me finally arrived. With the org not expanding and struggling, a mission was sent by the CLO to RB “why the golden age of tech is not going in”.

It’s also noted that an S.O. member who was I/C of an IAS Branch Office was reported on by me to be abusive to staff – both mentally and physically and got physical with his own wife – to a point the wife and one of the staffers were suicidal “Sorry Upstat”  was the reply. The intention is to create robots who comply to the beat of the chief drummer.

Mismanaging and no-managing orgs

— see above

Misappropriating funds

–See above examples of how a Cl V org is directed. I have no doubts that IAS and Superpower money has been misappropriated simply by being very familiar with the amount of money raised compared to the “no product.” Again, the intention is to amass huge quantities of monies to be spent at the whim of the powers elite.

2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or org.

Cl V org stats are declining over a very long period of time – like 20 years.
The Ideal Orgs that have been made are NOT full of public. Staff are gotten from different cities and different orgs to man up the newest Ideal Org. Geographical musical chairs. Psychiatry is succeeding.
Education is abysmal.
There is no one on superpower. The building isn’t done.
Numerous OT VIIIs have left the church. Former RTC and senior execs have left the church. Old-timers or someone with a physical condition are simply offloaded.
Huge sums of money (mainly for IAS) are accumulating.
People leaving the S.O., or dismissed from the S.O. are at an all time high.
The PR of Scientology is abysmal in the public mind
The “Golden Age of Tech” touts that the tech will be perfect everywhere, but orgs are being instructed (via OT Ambassadors) to send their field to Flag. I suppose where “real tech” can be received.
Releases, Clears and Auditors are on a 20 years decline.
Obscene amounts of money have been spent on buildings and quarters for RTC and Miscavige.

3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

I would like to help it, but that door is closed due to the Chairman of the Board. So the current management (and more specifically the instigator: David Miscavage) has to be attacked.

4. Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or org as to intentions and objectives.

The intentions and objectives of my own group are to deliver Scientology is a safe environment with on-Source application of tech and policy to the result of the person moving up the Bridge with such rave results, he gets everyone he knows to “come get it too.” This describes a field group, mission, Cl V org as it was back in the 70s – when LRH was on the line and org staff ran their orgs with minimal management interference. Further, it is to be part of a 3D that operates on-Source so a true 3rd dynamic can be realized and we can get on with clearing the planet without distractions (that are brought about by aberrated, out-ethics, off-Source behavior by those in charge). Our eternity depends on this. The objective is an On-Source Scientology where ethics, tech and admin   (includes management tech) are applied by the book – so that the benefits of Scientology can be realized on this earth.

5. Evaluate one’s own or one’s group, project or org’s statistics.

Non-e for me personally. And I don’t specifically know the statistics of the group I have decided to join. We are “in the Div 6 Phase” at this point wherein new adherents are being invited to join the group of Independent Scientologists – this stat appears very much to be on the increase. Just the blog where one learns and decides has over 1 million hits. So it is growing – ie upstat.

6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.

I hereby join the group of Independent Scientologists. And to make it crystal clear: It is a group of people that ARE Scientologists, who abide by tech and policy and won’t tolerate off-Source activities. I am joining the group that recognizes that David Miscavige is wrecking the C of S and thus is the group that is eager to right the wrongs and get Scientology back on the rails.

NB. Here are the bullet points of why Miscavige has to step down/be removed:
•    Sabotage of CL V orgs by: eradicating on-Source Management.
•    Getting rid of/removing those who know Management Tech
•    Ordering CL V org OT Committees to send org public to FSO for Objs & Grades
•    Commanding back-to-back international events that feature him and how He is saving and/or expanding Scientology
•    Commanding continual events that drain the pockets of on-line public for: new 40,000 sf buildings, superpower building, book campaigns, IAS disasters
•    Not releasing superpower
•    Waste/extravagance with parishioner donations, and monies sent to Int by CL V orgs and missions, and god knows who else.
•    Depriving CL V Org staff adequate pay through a “finance  system” that chokes them.
•    Being privy to, enforcing or suggesting abortions
•    Hijacking the heart and soul of Scientology by: dissing LRH tech by redefining training and enforcing a “Golden Age” (of tech); creating ethics arbitraries where parishioners cannot express their feelings or opinions
•    Reinstituting disconnection and ripping apart friends and family thus creating horrific ARC Xs and PR for Scientology – MAKING enemies for Scn.
•    Setting himself up as Source by defining what an F/N is; by deleting data from tapes, books, technical bulletins and policies.
•    Redefining HIGHEST EVER without informing the public so highest ever if for the year, not for ever. When relayed at int events, the public are then made to believe in the “expansion”.
•    Ruining the movie Battlefield Earth.
•    Degrading capable Int Execs by: declaring them SP; locking them down and physically and mentally abusing them until they toe his line.
•    Creating a hidden data line
•    Squirreling Ethics
•    Squirreling Tech
•    Squirreling admin – including Management Tech
•    Joking and Degrading
•    Revealing details of confessions protected by priest/penitent privilege
•    Monopolizing the LRH biographer’s time, thus sabotaging the anticipated publication of the LRH biography.
•    Not delivering the broadly announced Scientology dictionary
•    And he hit Heber……

So after all is said and done, examined, digested and confronted, I hereby declare my self an Independent Scientologist. I am not resigning from “the Church”.  “Resigning” has too many distasteful connotations. Being an Independent Scientologist does not. It provides the freedom of thought and movement that is at the core of Scientology.


In 1972, someone asked if I wanted to do a Communications Course. In we walked, and I sat down for an OT TRO and went exterior after an hour or so. Then 2 hour blinkless TR O. I was IN! Then HQS (the big flap was running out of chairs). Then PRD and I was asked if I was interested in working there. My verbatim response was: “I could work here?!!!!” And so I did for nearly 3 years. My idea was that as soon as everyone (I was thinking only of United States at that time) even heard of Scientology, we’d have totally 100% made it – simply because Scientology was so logical and true, that as soon as anyone heard of it – well, they’d do it. Staff was the joy of joys. I ended up as the Dissemination Secretary. I built it to an 18 man Dissemination Division. Going to post everyday was like doing what you wanted to do. There were 5 FEBCs heading the org that were all trained on the Apollo under LRH – with L-10 under their belts.  Sweet.  The CLO even sent an observation mission to find out how we were doing it. We had a look-alike contest to see who looked the most like our Programs Chief.

It was just fun and games and we were booming with 80 students in the Academy at one time doing nothing but Student Hat/PRD, Acad levels 0-IV and HSDC. The internship was full. We had a build a second HGC because the HGC hit over 600 hours (pre-purif – because it didn’t exist at that time). LRH policy says that when your hours hit 600, you need a second HGC – so we built one. There were 2 Cl VIIIs with 2 more I/T at ASHO. A couple of the staff went to AO and did through OT III. Then someone asked if I would join the Sea Org. Of course!! What else would one do?

At first, it was just a hoot. It’s 1976 and so much of what was still alive was LRH. He had a fleet of vans that were purchased for the sole purpose of taking the staff to the beach or the local CW malls to shop on their days off. You didn’t CSW for your liberty (every second Sat if your stats were up). You just told your senior the “tomorrow is my libs day, so I won’t be in”.  “Okay” would be the reply. 3 week leave were a little tougher, but in my first 5 years in the S.O, I ran a mission to acquire additional berthing for the staff and nursery because there were a lot more staff and there was a bit of a baby boom happening. I supervised outer org and was very highly commended by LRH 3 times (a very highly commended cleans your ethics file and you get a campaign bar for it)

And over the years, the freedoms, granting of beingness, the right to originate, the liberties, the staff “perks” began to erode. The pay, the food, the time off, the freedom to create your post – bit by bit, these things eroded/  It just stopped being fun. Fast forward 30 years or so. Libs are a nightmare to get. 3 week leaves are almost unheard of. There are 10-16 people per dorm. Musters are 3 Xs per day and are ordinarily entheta. Staff are micro-managed.  There are no babies and women who become pregnant either abort or are offloaded (the idea to send them to CL V orgs for 6 years is no more – they are offloaded with a freeloader debt). My own son was staff for 13 years and is a Purif completion. He’s out along with his wife. They now have 2 young beautiful and vibrant children. But, I’ve declared my independence. She or he have alerted all my friends on Facebook that I have resigned. I love my son with every fiber of my being, but he’s disconnected from me and is hard at work severing all my “still in” friends. The day after this happened, my in-box was full of “Linda, is this true?”

Let the games begin.  Truth, in the end will prevail, and it will all be set right. This chapter will close, and Book II will begin with Scientology re-instated as it was meant to be.

Linda McCarthy
39 year Scientologist (3 years CL V org, 32 S.O.)
OT V, HPCSC, Level II auditor


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