Geir Isene’s OT VIII Doubt Writeup

My name is Geir Isene. I am a Norwegian public Scientologist. I became a Scientologist in 1984. In 2006 I attested to OT VIII. I have had an enormous amount of spiritual gain from my 25 years in Scientology. I have seen similar gains in my family and friends and in countless of others I have met and helped with the teachings of Scientology. The gains are there to be had but can be suppressed by malpractice and suppression of free will. After two years of extensive research, I have decided to leave the Church of Scientology. I am not leaving Scientology, only the church. In fact, I consider that the present management is not practicing it’s teachings, and that in order for me to continue practicing Scientology, I need to leave the church and its suppressive management. The management of Scientology is creating massive bad PR for the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and others. By equating the Church of Scientology with the Scientology Technology, the church is lending it’s bad PR to the technology through its oppressive acts.

I acknowledge and validate the many good staff and public Scientologists that are working assiduously to help others with Scientology. I acknowledge that great results are accomplished. It is hard work indeed. It is made harder by mismanagement.

Contrary to what we are led to believe, the church is not the fastest growing religion on earth, there are not 8 million Scientologists and the PR for Scientology is not good. It is in fact among the worst of all religions {1}. This is not caused by “someone else”. It is caused by the church management. As one knows when studying Scientology and attaining spiritual freedom, one is causing one’s own enemies. It’s time to stop the technology of L. Ron Hubbard from being dragged down by misapplication and the ensuing bad PR.

I hereby submit my writeup on sorting out my own doubts regarding the church. I am a Scientologist. I will continue to help people with the Scientology technology, but I am no longer a member of the Church of Scientology. The following is a valid WOIM list. For explanation on markup, see the WOIM definition page {2}. References in Appendix A.

Doubt formula (LRH instructions in quotes and as main points in the list)

1. “Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that group, project or organization, brushing aside all bias and rumour.”

1.1. The expressed intention of the current church management is to buy more than 170 new church buildings using parishioner’s money and without delivering any exchange to those parishioners.

* This violates the writings of L. Ron Hubbard on:
Exchange {3}
Financial policies regarding buildings {4}
L. Ron Hubbard’s explicit statement on not to focus on buildings {5}:

* “ When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters.”

* I find the Ideal Org program to be a scam where the church tries to add to its value of assets by pressuring its public for money with no exchange back.

* The focus on “pure donations” (with no exchange) drains the public of bridge progress momentum.

1.2. The activities of the current church management is to enforce compliance to command intention by use of force, harassment, invalidation and oppression.

Force: I have witnessed use of excessive force on several occasions, I have had senior church management scream to my face at point blank only because of a misunderstanding on the part of the Sea Org Officer. I have been spat in the face by another Sea Org member. But this is just a fraction of the force in regular use in the Sea Org and the higher up, the more force. This is both written extensively on the Internet, and verified by me as I have spoken to several current and ex Sea Org members that have experience serious breach of basic human rights in the Sea Org such as sleep deprivation, confinement and repeated and regular use of physical violence. This use of force is diametrically opposed to LRH’s writings on ARC, Understanding, Tone Scale and management in general.

Harassment: The church harasses its former members, the latest example being the use of confidential data obtained from ethics files to publicly harass four defectors {6}. This point alone is enough for me to conclude on this doubt condition.

Invalidation: I have seen church management invalidate public and treating public in a condescending manner simply because they are not church staff.

Oppression: I have witnessed on several occasions that the church has threatened to bar people from going up the bridge and thereby denying them their spiritual freedom unless they do as they are told. It becomes a hostage situation when a very few people can decide to bar the rest of mankind from attaining spiritual freedom.

1.3. L. Ron Hubbard says to “Never use lies in PR” {7}.

The Church of Scientology is lying to its public and the public at large when it refers to the number of Scientologists worldwide.

Figures of 8 or even 10 million are given by the church. Any Scientologist should be able to calculate that this is a vastly exaggerated number, at least by a factor of ten – probably even more. This extends to the whole makeup of the international events where Scientology, LRH and the church is put forth as perfect and infallible. Most public I have spoken to knows that this is not the truth and hence knows the church is lying. It is easy to falsify and so it generates an outreality with the general public and by personal survey comes across as arrogance.

The lies are plenty another obvious example is this PR line by WISE: “We have the only workable administrative technology”. It is hard to envision anyone having believed this line as it would make companies like Google or projects like Wikipedia an impossibility. And the Church of Scientology should be several times as big as Google.

1.4. The Church is hypocritical when it spends millions of dollars on a campaign for Human Rights. Although this campaign is for PR purposes, it only serves to widen the gap between what the church says and what it practices.

2. “Examine the statistics of the individual group, project or organization.”

2.1. Although the worldwide statistics are unavailable for inspection, there are several indicators that can help analyze the production trends of the Church of Scientology. The statistics shown at international events are seldom the same from year to year and very seldom show the main statistics of real expansion. I have been to many organizations around the world, and I see no expansion of the like shown at the events. On the contrary, I see many orgs that have been shrinking over the past decade or so. It is obvious to me that the strategies during the 1990’s and 2000’s have not been working. It is possible to correlate this with point #1 above and suspect that the strategies are failing due to wrong intentions on the part of the most senior of management.

2.2. The church has released only one new OT level since LRH passed away in 1986. The target for the release of OT IX and X was for all Orgs to reach the size of old Saint Hill. We hardly hear mention of this target any more. Most of the Orgs that attained this size in the 80’s and 90’s have shrunk. Few if any public knows how few Saint Hill size orgs there are. At one event in the 90’s the COB of Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige promised there will be a new Saint Hill size org presented at every international event thereafter. It quickly faded.

3. “Decide on the basis of ‘the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics’ whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.”

* The current management of the Church of Scientology and their suppressive acts should be stopped. The practice of focus on material goods should be stopped. The focus should instead be on delivering good service. The tech should be made freely available on the Internet for everyone’s benefit. A “project Freedom” should be started where the purpose is to give the tech itself for free to all. See the Appendix B, #LRH4all.

4. “Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or organization as to intention and objectives.”

* I am a strong believer in free will and my objective is to help people achieve spiritual freedom and the ability to exercise their free will. I can testify that the technology of L. Ron Hubbard has helped me recover my own and I have seen it help countless others recover their free will and able to exercise it. Sadly, I have also seen the church all too often suppress the free will of its members in fact the higher one comes up the bridge, the more suppression of free will. As an OT VIII and OT ambassador, one is given a large number of “supposed to’s” in order to act as a poster boy and to help drive through the command intentions in one’s area. Force is attempted used in order to make the OT VIIIs tow the party line.

5. “Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or organization’s statistics.”

* I am doing very well in life both spiritually, as a person, in a family, forming and making groups prosper. I am doing well on my creative line (may each be his own judge of that {8}).

6. “Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.”

* This is a matter of personal integrity. I cannot be part of or condone the human rights violations, off policy, out tech and out ethics that is rampant within the church. I will not be a silent watcher to these suppressions. I am true to my own purpose of forwarding free will. This is not forwarded by the church, so I am off to my own crusade of helping people regain themselves and to help them exercise their free will by the use of LRH tech. I am a strong admirer of the works of L. Ron Hubbard and a firm believer of the human spirit, of goodness, greatness and of love. I will seek out likeminded and help expand true delivery of Scientology. This writeup is published to all relevant parties. The introduction is also published on my web site {9}.

7. “Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization one has remained in or joined.” Project Freedom is born.

“The work was free. Keep it so.” LRH, Clearing Procedure (1957)

I am adamant on forwarding peoples freedom.
I will help people attain and exercise their free will.

8. “Suffer on up through the conditions in the new group if one has changed sides, or the conditions of the group one has remained in, if wavering from it has lowered one’s status.”

I will do my utmost.
I will not be still or silent.
I will be effective and vocal.

For extensive information, read

Note to the Church of Scientology:

Please do not contact me in an effort to “handle” my viewpoint. The data from 2 years of extensive research is vast and decisive. May you wake up and see what is now running the church.

Appendix A – References

{1} Poll on religions

{2} The WOIM definition page

{3} Exchange (the four levels of exchange)

HCO PL 10 Sep 1982 “Exchange, Org Income And Staff Pay” (Fin. Series 36; MS3, p513)

{4} Financial policies regarding buildings

HCO PL 18 Jan 1965 “Financial Management Building Fund Account” (Vol3, p42)
HCO PL 23 Sep 1970 “Quarters, Policy Regarding Historical” (Vol7, p1394)

{5} Tape: The Genus of Scientology, 31 December 1960 (Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress)

{6} Article revealing the inner workings of International Management

{7} HCO PL 13 Aug 1970, “The Missing Ingredient” (PR Series 2; MS3, p45)

{8} Some of my creative output

{9} My public announcement on leaving the church

Appendix B – LRH4all



* To get L. Ron Hubbard’s technology into the hands of everyone as fast as possible and in the most userfriendly way.


* Release the full body of publicly available LRH material on the Internet, fully indexed, easily searchable, free for all to access without restrictions.


* Everyone could get free access to all LRH material
* The public access to the technology would reach places where there are no libraries
* Access to the material would be almost instantaneous
* Pointing someone to specific parts of the technology would be as simple as relating a link
* Finding exact references would finally be practical with a proper search backend
* It would revolutionize academy training in the orgs as the students would finally have all the references they could ever hope for by the click of a button
* It would revolutionize the running of the orgs as the staff would have all the references they could ever hope for by the click of a button


* If the materials of LRH is already digitized, a full release of the materials on the Internet should take no more than 6 months to complete.


* Releasing all publicly available LRH material on the Internet would be the greatest dissemination of his technology ever.


What about the lost income from book sales?

* The purpose is the dissemination of the materials to as many as possible. This would generate a substantial increase in the interest for services, for training and auditing which would by far compensate for any lost revenue. The purpose is to get the technology in use, a cleared planet and not to cater primarily for short term income.

What about copyrights?

* Releasing the materials on the Internet would not violate any LRH copyrights just as shipping books to libraries would not have any effect on the copyrights of the materials What about protecting the purity of the tech?

* By releasing and maintaining the originals on the Internet, the public can finally refer to the authentic materials and for the first time be able to spot any altered materials on the Internet by easy comparison. Today altered material is floating on the Internet with no easy way of checking its authenticity.

But the public will not fully understand the materials…

* LRH writes in HCOPL 11 Aug 1972 “Films and tapes not prohibited”:

“No words at all is worse than a few misunderstoods!”.

I sincerely hope this would inspire action.

“The work was free. Keep it so.” LRH, Clearing Procedure (1957)


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